Department of Radio Science and Engineering
  • Radiotieteen ja -tekniikan laitos

Department of Radio Science and Engineering

The Department of Radio Science and Engineering (RAD) currently consists of three research groups in radio engineering, two in electromagnetics, one in circuit theory, and one in space technology. Research and teaching at the department focuses on understanding the physics of electromagnetic fields and waves on all frequencies up to the terahertz region and beyond, and applying this knowledge to the benefit of the society.

RAD is a recognized centre of excellence both in education and in research. The Department is the home of the Centre of Excellence in Smart Radios and Wireless Research (SMARAD) and MilliLab. RAD is also the home of the Graduate School of Electronics, Communications and Automation (GETA).

The Department is part of the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering (Aalto ELEC).

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Latest publications

  1. Karttunen, Aki; Piiroinen, Kalle; Ala-Laurinaho, Juha; Räisänen, Antti V.
    Millimetre-wave dielectric slab and parallel plate waveguide dielectric lens antennas for beam steering
  2. Haneda, Katsuyuki; Järveläinen, Jan; Karttunen, Aki; Kyrö, Mikko; Putkonen, Jyri
    Indoor short-range radio propagation measurements at 60 and 70 GHz
  3. Medbo, Jonas; Börner, Kai; Haneda, Katsuyuki; Veikko; Hovinen, Imai, Tetsuro; Järveläinen, Jan; Jamsa, Tommi; Karttunen, Aki; Kusume, Katsutoshi; Kyröläinen, Jukka; Kyösti, Pekka; Meinilä, Juha; Nurmela, Vuokko; Raschkowski, Leszek; Roivainen, Antti; Ylitalo, Juha
    Channel modelling for the fifth generation mobile communications
  4. Menzel, Christoph; Hebestreit, E.; Alaee, Rasoul; Albooyeh, Mohammad; Mühlig, Stefan; Burger, S; Rockstuhl, Carsten; Simovski, Constantin R.; Tretyakov, Sergei A.; Lederer, Falk; Pertsch, Thomas
    Extreme coupling: A route towards local magnetic metamaterials
    Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics), 2014. Vol. 89, 1-8.
  5. Lehtovuori, Anu; Valkonen, Risto; Ilvonen, Janne
    On designing dual-band matching circuits for capacitive coupling element antennas
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