About the department

The Department of Radio Science and Engineering (RAD) currently consists of research groups in radio engineering, in electromagnetics, and in space technology. Research and teaching at the Department focuses on understanding the physics of electromagnetic fields and waves on all frequencies up to the terahertz region and beyond, and applying this knowledge to the benefit of the society.

The total personnel of RAD amounts to about 90 people: 8 tenured professors, about 20 other senior researchers or teachers with a doctoral degree, about 40 post-graduate students working on their doctoral thesis, master thesis workers, part time undergraduate research assistants, and technical and administrative officers. RAD is highly international: the personnel consist of 15–20 nationalities and it participates in a number of international research programmes.

The Department of Radio Science and Engineering is located at Otakaari 5 A in Espoo. The premises comprise about 3100 square meters of research laboratories and offices.

The Department is responsible for teaching the fundamentals of circuit theory and electromagnetic field theory for the bachelor programme in Aalto ELEC. The Department provides the freshman hands-on course in electronics and contributes to the advanced-level hands-on course of the third-year electronics students. The Department also delivers the master and doctoral level courses in the RAD research fields, e.g., in radio science and engineering as well as space technology and related fields. Furthermore, the Department takes care of teaching the fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics to the students of the other Aalto engineering schools. The existence of the world-renown Finnish radio electronics industry can largely be attributed to the educational effort and alumni of the Department.

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