Aalto-2 satellite launched into space

18. huhtikuu 2017

The launch from Cape Canaveral was successful and Aalto-2 is on its way towards the International Space Station.

Aalto-1 satellite launch moved to the start of the year

9. joulukuu 2016

The launch timetable for the Falcon 9 rocket has been delayed because the investigation into the accident, which occurred in September, continues.

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Smart textiles to relieve health monitoring

7. joulukuu 2016

The idea put into practice on the Electric Workshop course got students tickets to the Slush event.


Development of digitalisation motivates research in the field

17. marraskuu 2016

Technologies that enable digitalisation will be on show in Helsinki in August.

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A remote-controlled drone helps in designing future wireless networks

4. marraskuu 2016

New technique provides an accurate 3D model, which improves the prediction of the propagation of radio waves at millimetre-wave frequencies.

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Electricity system under pressure during peak hours

4. marraskuu 2016

Jukka Ruusunen, President and CEO of Fingrid, talked about the sufficiency of electricity supply in Finland in the AlumniStudent Weekend 2016 seminar.


Varun Singh Alumnus of the Year of the School of Electrical Engineering in 2016

29. lokakuu 2016

The Alumnus of the Year chosen for the first time has done valuable work to promote Finnish start-up culture.


The latest installation lectures available on video

19. lokakuu 2016

Aalto University's newly tenured professors reveal the secrets of aesthetics, biohybrid materials and wireless world, among other things.

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Schools of technology will hold the third joint Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees

7. lokakuu 2016

The doctors and honorary doctors to be conferred will be accepted as members of the technical science community.


Preparations under way in Otaniemi for the first satellite launch

5. lokakuu 2016

Aalto-1 and Aalto-2 satellites are waiting in dispensers to be transported to their launch sites.

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End of Rosetta mission signals new beginning

30. syyskuu 2016

Researchers will begin a more active research phase. Rosetta measurements have been carried out at Aalto University from August 2014.

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New digital antenna could revolutionise the future of mobile phones

31. elokuu 2016

Combining several antenna elements into a single antenna speeds up data transfer and improves reception and efficiency.

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In Metsähovi space is at the end of the radio telescope

19. elokuu 2016

Finland’s only radio-astronomical observatory opens its doors to the public on Sunday, 28 August.

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The effects of solar storms are seen on the Earth

16. elokuu 2016

Visiting professor Eija Tanskanen ended up as a researcher when she could not find sufficient answers to her questions.

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Best Young Scientist poster presentation award to the Irina Nefedova

10. elokuu 2016

The presentation is titled "Conductivity of nanomaterial layers at millimeter wave frequencies”.


Aalto-2 satellite is ready for space

14. heinäkuu 2016

The design and construction of the satellite have utilised technology and experience from Aalto-1.

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Team Aalto entered second place in international IEEE student design competition

4. heinäkuu 2016

The winners of the competition were chosen on the basis of an article, a video and the presentation held in conference.


The many possibilities of the digital revolution

17. kesäkuu 2016

The Internet Forum, a public lecture series, which is open to everyone free-of-charge, will focus on current topics related to digitalisation.

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Team Aalto nabs spot in international IEEE student design competition semi-final

17. kesäkuu 2016

Student teams from the School of Electrical Engineering have fared extremely well in the annual competition.


Reliable and seamless navigation technologies a necessity in future

6. kesäkuu 2016

Matthias Petschke, Director for European Satellite Navigation Programmes, explained the prospects for navigation systems in the Navigation for the Fut


Aalto University decides on tuition fee amounts

2. kesäkuu 2016

Uniform pricing for the bachelor’s programme and the master’s programmes.


Radiation influences Aalto-1 nanosatellite software design

27. toukokuu 2016

In his his Master’s Thesis, Joonas Javanainen examined the level of preparedness the additional challenges of space impose on software design.

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Submit your suggestion for Electrical Engineering Alumnus of the Year

25. toukokuu 2016

The Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering will select its first Alumnus of the Year.


Aalto-1 satellite integrated into the dispenser in Delft in the Netherlands

13. toukokuu 2016

When the last tests have been completed, Aalto-1 will continue its journey to the launch site of the Falcon 9 rocket on the west coast of the USA.

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Cooperation to expand to summer courses

27. huhtikuu 2016

Tried and tested workshop concept continued with Protopaja prototype workshop course.

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